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Mesa Detection Agency Inc. is an established New Mexico based company, providing security services for the business community. Mesa provides security for seven of the ten largest office buildings in the city, and over 40 locations in total. Their clients include business office parks, retail stores, banks, office buildings, community patrols, and lodging industry and construction firms. Licensed with the City of Albuquerque & the State of New Mexico, Mesa continues to excel. 

Mesa owner, Troy Grimes, is licensed with both a Private Patrol Operators and a Private Investigators in the State of New Mexico. 

All employees are cleared by both the State and Federal law enforcement record departments. They are then screened bi-annually by the State of New Mexico's Regulation and Licensing Department. 

Operating since 1996 with uniformed, unarmed officers, Mesa has satisfied many local businesses with on site security services. Clients are provided with evidence of insurance coverage including general liability, auto, workers compensation, and professional and employer's liability. 

In order to maintain top qualified staff, Mesa provides to their officers monthly bonuses, paid vacations, and employer participation medical and dental plans. In addition, all uniform and equipment costs are paid by Mesa. 

Mesa has a Field Manager on duty, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This Field Manager does not work a post. Instead he/she is available to manage the staff, meet with clients if needed, address unusual situations, and provide overall direct control of the security officers to ensure their compliance with their client's needs and expectations. These individuals are of proven ability and experience who can rapidly respond to any emergency. They are provided a decaled company security vehicle for their use in managing our security officers. Additionally, Mesa has a second Field Manager serving as a Communication Control Officer both day and night, managing the radio traffic, ensuring proper post lockdowns, as well as seeing to key controls and client notifications are being performed correctly. This allows the on duty Field Manager to focus on detailed post and officer inspections. 

Mesa provides custom designed security services based upon the desires of the client. Each client determines the exact services, times and scope needed for their individual firms and properties. Mesa can provide daily reports, logs and incident reports as part of the normal operations based upon the client's requests. 

Reflecting the owner's participation within the community and their professional standing, Mesa maintains memberships in the following organizations: American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), NM Facilities Manager's Network (NMFMN), Institute for Real Estate Management (IREM) and the UNM LOBO Club. 

A topic of concern when hiring any security company is their licensing and insurances. Below is a list of our current policies and the amounts. If additional coverage is required, Mesa can accommodate those requests. 


Licenses & Insurances 

Mesa operates under the following licenses: 

City Of Albuquerque #374399

State of New Mexico Private Patrol Operator # 2444P

State of New Mexico Private Investigator # 2445I 

Insurance Coverage Maintained by Mesa


Commercial General Liability $1 million

Personal Injury $1 million

Fire Damage $100 thousand

General Aggregate $3 million

Employers E&O $1 million

Excess Liability $4 million 

Worker Compensation Insurance $1 million

State Unemployment Insurance

Federal Unemployment Insurance 

Automobile $1 million

Any auto - owned - hired - non-owned - specified

Employers- Liability $1 million 

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