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Operational Procedures


Mesa operates on the premise that security is best maintained and enhanced with frequent communications between all members of our staff and our clients. This means that you, as the client, will be frequently contacted by a Mesa supervisory officer as to the performance of our security officers, their effectiveness, and other areas of concern to all of us. 

Utilizing the security officers' cell phones you are able to contact them directly while they are working their post. Through the use of our radios, our security officers are able to maintain a steady communication stream during their shifts. This way, several people are aware of the circumstances at each post. With the guards communicating with each other, and their supervisors day and night, there are no questions as to times of arrival, departures, levels of alertness, and when situations occur. Additionally, Mesa can dispatch other personnel quickly and to the exact location where their presence is required, allowing coverage of any emergency at any post at any time. 

Changes in our operational procedures at your property require only a request from you. We have no committees or headquarters that must approve client requests. If the client requests certain actions, within reason, compliance will occur immediately.  

Our invoice billing for services rendered is completely flexible to fit your accounting department schedules. We strive to be compatible with your accounts payable functions. To this end, all of our invoices, statements, and records are coordinated with your accounting personnel prior to their use. 

If for some reason, you as the client have concerns with any aspect of Mesa's performance, you are asked to contact Troy directly so he can immediately address these concerns.  

Mesa uses several standard report forms as the situation dictates in our written communications with our clients. 

The Security Report is used by some clients to allow us to provide them with a time log record of the security situation at their property. 

The Incident Report is used for specific incidents that occurred while Mesa was providing security for your property. This thorough report will provide all details the client will need to address this matter.  

The Supplemental Report is used to communicate information the security officer feels the client needs. However, information supplied with this report is not of a security nature. 

Customized check lists and summary reports can be created to satisfy any client needs. What you want and need is what we will deliver! 

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